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We are offering five new features for exhibitors:

  1. A new venue, with a floorplan better suited for our needs.
  2. A central “Live AV Experience” area where a few integrators will show some real applications for the benefits of architests, designers and end users.
  3. Availability of low cost desks which will allow low budget members to be there.
  4. A wide range of high visibility sponsoring opportunities
  5. Efficient devices aimed at bringing in a new public of architects, designers, end users.


  • in partnership with Soiel International two conferences addressed to facility managers, ITC managers and buyers
  • a course for Architects approved by their Milan Chamber (3 credits granted)
  • a course for Designers approved by their Milan Chamber (3 credits granted)

The conferences will be held in the 120 pax conference room, the courses in the 7o pax conference room: as you can see attendees cannot miss the exhibition area and the demo area therein, where they will be able to touch and see practical applications of the concepts delivered during the conferences and/or classes.


We can accommodate:

  • 5 stands of a 16 (8 and 16 through 19)
  • 14 stands of 9 (from 1 to 7 and from 9 to 15)
  • 12 desks of 1.5 x 2 mt. from p1 to p12)

For specifications and costs >> price list.


We have reserved for areas of 25 sq. mt. each  (A,B,C,D) for integrators that would like to present a live case history dove gli integratori. In order to get this space integrators are required to submit a project to a Commission that will evaluate the relevance and originality of the project.  Members of the Commission will be journalists and university professors.

Once the project is accepted, the integrator will be asked a contribution of € 3,000 for the bare space, including a desk.
Case histories can be briefly presented during the course for engineers and designers of November 19.

In the demo areas one may only show products of those manufacturers who support the event with a stand or a sponsorship. Other products may be used but the logo must be hidden and no reference to the brand is to be made in the documentation and in the presentation.


A company can sponsor:

  • a conference (20-25′ speech)
  • the “continuous coffee”
  • the il buffet
  • the Apero Time (at 5 p.m. of the first day)
  • the daily contest
  • the lanyard

A company can become sponsor only if it an exhibitor. It is sufficient to rent a desk.

For details and costs >> price list

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